NEW DETAILS: Former California Rep. GARY CONDIT testifies in the sensational case of CHANDRA LEVY, the Washington, D.C. intern who disappeared and was later found murdered.  He refused to answer questions of intimacy  with the slain beauty.

As The ENQUIRER reported previously Levy’s disappearance made nationwide headlines when she was romantically linked to Condit.

El Salvador native, Ingmar Guandique, 29,  is on trial for the murder and attempted sexual assault of Levy nearly ten years ago.

Levy had finished her internship with the US Bureau of Prisons when she mysteriously disappeared.

When Guandique was charged in 2009 with murdering Levy, the illegal immigrant had been serving a 10-year sentence for separate assaults. 

The assaults occurred in Rock Creek Park, where Levy’s remains were later found scattered.

Condit testified today that he believed his first meeting with investigating detectives was going to be about how seriously they were taking the investigation.

 He then realized cops thought him a suspect when a detective asked him if he had a sexual relationship with Levy.

Condit testified that he responded then: "If you can tell me why that’s relevant, I can answer the question."

He said the detective never responded and the interview abruptly ended.

Condit then refused under oath to say whether he had an affair with intern Chandra or not.

The judge declared his answers "non-responsive".

Condit reiterated he wasn’t trying to avoid incriminating himself but refused to answer “purely based on principle,” to protect the privacy of Levy, himself and his family.