BARACK OBAMA in hot water with livid missus over boozy flirt fest! LEARN WHY!
Outraged over the way JENNIFER HUDSON sang “Hap­py Birthday” to President Obama, first lady Michelle bawled out her husband and has vowed to “ban” the sexy singer from the White House, say sources.
Michelle, 47, did a slow burn as she watched the beauty, 29, serenade the president at his 50th b-day bash.  He held her hand and practically had to wipe the drool from his mouth.
“Michelle was horrified,” revealed an insider.
“She couldn’t help but think of Marilyn Monroe singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to President Kennedy, who was her secret lover, at Madison Square Garden.
“And she could tell Barack was en­joying Jennifer’s performance a little too much!”
In an eerie parallel of the 1962 Ken­nedy bash, Grammy and Oscar winner Jennifer wore a short black dress and bright red lipstick to the Aug. 3 event, looking sexy with her hair flowing down to her waist.
“She was acting appropriately, but Barack was acting like a liquored up frat boy at a strip club.
“When Michelle and Barack got back to the White House, she read him the riot act,” divulged a friend of the first lady.
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