The scandalous affair that destroyed Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman’s 24-year marriage is set to make him a father – at the ripe old age of 72. Morgan’s step-granddaughter, 27-year-old E’Dena Hines, is pushing the actor to start a family with her – AND he’s agreed!

The ENQUIRER previously reported that Freeman plans to marry his mistress E’Dena once his messy divorce from wife Myrna is finalized.

"E’Dena wants Morgan’s baby," a close source told The ENQUIRER.

"She believes that will give her a final hold on Morgan and, after his divorce with Myrna is over, she will end up marrying him."

Morgan and Myrna continue to battle out of court over how to divide his complicated estate of more than $120 million.

And now, in a twist worthy of any movie melodrama, the accomplished actor also has to keep a second woman happy.

"Morgan has gone along with E’Dena’s wishes of having a baby," said the close source.

"He knows it would be disastrous if  E’Dena blew up and went public with everything she knows."

The ENQUIRER FIRST broke the story of the 10-year affair between Morgan and E’Dena – which was not denied by the actor. The affair began when E’Dena was a teen and continues to the present day, say sources.

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