It was PANIC when Jennifer Lopez lost her wedding ring — and frantically scrambled to find it before her husband found out!

J. Lo was so freaked out that she actually shut down the set of her upcoming movie “Gigli” for two days as the search for the $30,000-plus ring continued — and Jennifer fumed.

“Jennifer definitely deserves the title of ‘Queen of the Divas,'” an insider declared. “She went berserk when she lost the wedding ring she handed to someone while she shot a scene on Friday, January 18. She made the set a living hell.”

Jennifer’s husband Cris Judd had the ring specially made for his bride and she was “beside herself with grief” when it disappeared, a Hollywood source disclosed.

“Jennifer was afraid Cris would find out and it would hurt him deeply, so she swore everyone on the set to secrecy.

Jennifer earned $9 million for “The Wedding Planner.”

“The entire set turned into a whirlwind of activity because of Jennifer’s demand that everything stop until her ring was found.

“She started cursing like a sailor and throwing water bottles in her dressing room.

“A group of guys from the film crew were actually crawling on their hands and knees canvassing the entire area for her ring.

“On Saturday, production completely stopped because Jennifer’s ring was still not found and she refused to work. The film didn’t shoot on Sunday or Monday, and Tuesday Jennifer was still steaming that her ring had not turned up.

“She was also livid that the producers were not making speedy enough arrangements to replace the ring. And she went through the roof when she saw that the wardrobe assistant accused of losing the ring was still working on the film.”

The insider added: “In the end, Cris found out that the wedding ring was lost. The two lovebirds worked it out. And Jennifer began wearing a temporary replacement ring until she can get an official replacement for her diamond ring.”