Fun and fancy free AMANDA KNOX may have a new man back home as she attempts to adjust to a normal life in the wake of her bombshell murder trial.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported her Italian boyfriend and co-defendant Rafael Sollecito in the murder trial of Meredith Kercher were torn asunder by Sollectito’s family. AMANDA KNOX DUMPED!

Amanda, 24, was pap snapped enjoying a stroll with a mystery man in her home town of Seattle after having some Halloween fun dressed as a cat burglar.

Amanda had said upon her release from jail that she was looking forward to the "simplest things" in life.

The brunette beauty clasped the hand of a camera-shy hunk who wrapped his protective arm around her shoulders as the pair went for a stroll Tuesday.

Knox returned from the Italian town of Perugia almost a month ago after an appeals court overturned her conviction for the murder of Brit student and flat mate Kercher after key DNA evidence was dismissed as “tampered”.

One of her friends flocking to see her after four years behind bars is former BF David Johnsrud.

Yet Amanda’s father, Curt, has  dismissed suggestions they were rekindling their romance and also claimed Amanda was keen on rekindling her relationship with Sollecito, the Italian ex-boyfriend who was also released from jail last month.

Meanwhile, Meredith Kercher’s father, John, blasted Knox as “insensitive” after she was photographed as a cat burglar after attending a local Halloween party.

The last photo taken of Meredith Kercher was at a Halloween party in 2007.

The following day Kercher was found murdered in the apartment she shared with Knox.