The Federal Election Commission demands JOHN EDWARDS' 2008 presidential campaign repay the U.S. Treasury more than $2 million.
The disgraced two-time Presidential loser who is facing a criminal trial in October for charges of campaign fraud propelled by the ENQUIRER’s historic exhaustive investigation into his love child conspiracy now must pay Uncle Sam big bucks.
Federal auditors said all but approximately $200,000 of the total $13 million Edwards  received for his 2008 presidential campaign came from federal matching funds.
The commission ordered the repayment after conducting an in-depth audit of campaign finances.
Federal auditors said the campaign not only understated its available cash on hand but also overstated expenses.Auditors discovered the Edwards campaign failed to itemize more than $4 million in loan repayments.
Such audits are mandated by law for federal campaigns that have accepted public financing.
The Edwards campaign got nearly $13 million in matching funds after it was approved by the Federal Election Commission in December 2007.
After the ENQUIRER first revealed his affair with Rielle Hunter in December, 2007 Edwards dropped out of the race Jan. 30, 2008. Some of those matching funds may have been earmarked for Edwards' cover-up.
As the ENQUIRER previously reported, Edwards, was indicted on federal criminal charges that he accepted illegal campaign contributions from 100 year-old heiress Bunny Mellon and late Dallas banker Fred Baron to buy a conspiracy of silence during his failed 2008 White House run.
Edwards has pleaded not guilty to six felony charges including allegations he filed false campaign reports to cover up the payments.
The bombshell criminal trial of the ex-North Carolina Senator has been docketed for October.