Federal prosecutors have dropped all corruption charges against JOHN EDWARDS and won’t retry the case against the disgraced love rat.

After a jury found his not guilty on one count but deadlocked on 5 other criminal counts of accepting illegal campaign contributions a mistrial was declared, but there was a possibility the Department of Justice mind try again.

Not now, they said in a statement.

Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer, who runs the DOJ’s criminal division, said prosecutors knew the Edwards case might prove daunting, like all campaign finance cases. Bauer said it is "our duty to bring hard cases" when warranted.

"Last month, the government put forward its best case against Mr. Edwards, and I am proud of the skilled and professional way in which our prosecutors…. conducted this trial," he said.

Edwards lawyers glad handed each other, happy with the outcome, "We are very glad that, after living under this cloud for over three years, John and his family can have their lives back and enjoy the peace they deserve."

 For now, Edwards can rest easy until next week when mistress Rielle Hunter drops a few bombshells during her press junket on national TV to promo her new tell all book.