Pulp-meister Quentin Tarantino leaves no exploitation film genre left unfondled.  The Grindhouse auteur wants porn star Tera Patrick to star in a remake of Russ Meyers‘ bad girl classic Faster Pussycat Kill Kill.

Tarantino who first announced his burning desire to redo the cult classic is desperate for the star of such XXX fare as Struggle Pretty Captive and Reign of Tera to topline the FPKK redo.

"Quentin loves her, and she’s a dead ringer for original star Tura Satana," a source told The New York Post’s Page Six.

Tera seems game too.

"I was built for this part,"  she told the paper.  "It would be the hottest remake ever, and I’m honored to be considered."

The original by bazonga lovin’ Russ Meyer, the king of the nudie cuties, starred Tura Santana, Haji and Lori Williams as three strippers who go on an ultra-violent road trip.

Despite Pussycat‘s seemingly seamy origin, the film is often cited by feminist critics as a precursor to the later violent femme flick, Thelma and Louise.