In a last-ditch effort to beat her cancer, Farrah Fawcett flew to Germany for experimental stem cell therapy, an ENQUIRER investigation has revealed.

Farrah made the desperate trip after a heartfelt plea from her close friend Cher — and so far Farrah says the results are encouraging.

“It’s working!” an ecstatic Farrah told friends after undergoing the treatment.

But a leading cancer expert told The ENQUIRER: “When a person turns to stem cell therapy to treat cancer, it is absolutely a last-ditch effort to fight the disease. In my experience it is only successful 10 to 20 percent of the time.”

Farrah is now receiving treatment at Leonardis Klinik in Germany, which offers stem cell therapy, not available in the U.S.

The former Charlie’s Angel was rapidly running out of options and felt “pretty dejected” over her grueling battle with recurring anal cancer, says a close source. But in a dramatic turn of events, Cher restored her will to keep fighting, according to the source.

“Farrah talked about the alternative medicine treatments she was receiving at the world-renowned Leonardis Klinik (clinic) in Germany. She said the doctors wanted her to come back for more, but she was beginning to lose hope that they could help,” says the source.

“Cher told Farrah point-blank: ‘Honey, I know it’s tough. But at this point what have you got to lose but the cancer?'”

Days later, Farrah checked back into the clinic in the Bavarian Alps area, which offers traditional chemo and radiation therapy as well as experimental stem cell treatments.

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