“Bachelorette” Trista Rehn has been hot for hunky Charlie Maher from the very first episode, but his ex-girlfriends have a message for Trista: Look out!

While Charlie’s profile says he’s a successful account executive looking for love, ex-girlfriends say he’s an unemployed, unsuccessful day trader, a party-hound who’s not looking to settle down.

One ex-girlfriend said he broke into her e-mail account to spy on her love letters to her fiancé. And another said he slept with her just two nights before leaving to film “The Bachelorette.”

Charlie, 28, told Trista on national TV that an ex-girlfriend he deeply loved broke his heart when she cheated on him with a good friend of his.

But The ENQUIRER tracked down Charlie’s ex-girlfriend and she says the party-hound is a lying dog!

The ex-girlfriend is student Mollie Arbizzani, 26, who dated good-time Charlie from mid-2000 until October 2001. She worked as a bartender at a club in Manhattan Beach, Calif., near Charlie’s apartment.

“When I heard what Charlie told Trista on TV, that I broke his heart and cheated on him, I got sick to my stomach,” Mollie told The ENQUIRER.

“Nothing could be further from the truth!

“Before I ever met Charlie, I was a friend of my current fiancé Josh Henretig.

“After Charlie and I started to date, I didn’t want to make Charlie jealous of my friendship with Josh so I introduced them to each other. Charlie and Josh became casual friends.

“After a few months of dating me, Charlie quit his job as a project manager for a plastics company. He told me he wanted to venture into the stock market as a day trader.

“Well, it was the wrong time for Charlie to change jobs. The stock market took a turn for the worse. He complained on and on about how much money he lost — around $40,000.

“I soon realized Charlie wasn’t going to be the love of my life. He talked on and on about cars and made derogatory remarks toward women.

“He needed to grow up. He was into partying and having a good time. I was looking to be in a serious relationship.

“In October 2001, I was getting confused about my feelings for Charlie and Josh. I had to get away, so I moved back to my parents’ house in Montana.

“At this point I’d never had any physical relations with Josh.

“Josh and I started e-mailing each other several times a day, telling our deepest feelings toward each other.

“Then Charlie called me and told me he came across an e-mail I had written to Josh. He accused me of having a love affair with Josh and cheating on him.

“I later found out he’d been reading all the e-mails I’d been writing to Josh since I arrived in Montana. To this day I don’t know how he got access to my e-mails. I can only assume he somehow got my password.

“Getting rid of Charlie was a good thing for me.”

Mollie has now moved to the Seattle area with Josh and the couple are planning a summer wedding.

The ENQUIRER tracked down another of Charlie’s ex-girlfriends and she told us that there’s nothing real about his stint on reality TV.

Shawn Codrea — a 34-year-old medical salesperson — told The ENQUIRER: “I spent the night making love with Charlie two days before he was going to be leaving to film ‘The Bachelorette.’

“We started dating in December 2001. And when I first heard about the premise of ‘The Bachelorette,’ I laughed, knowing Charlie like I do. He’s not the marrying type — not even close.

“Charlie told me he was going on the show only to get attention. He said he wanted to be a model and this would be great exposure for him.

“Charlie’s been out of work for several months.

“He told me he was a day trader but I never knew him to hold down a full-time job.

“He’s called me a few times since the show has ended. One time, he wanted me to come over to a bar and watch ‘The Bachelorette’ with him.

“Charlie is a big kid at heart who doesn’t want to grow up — and who needs to find a job!”