In a sensational new twist to an outrageous scandal, “Dateline NBC” star Chris Hansen is still cheating with his sexy girlfriend months after The ENQUIRER exposed the affair – and now he’s vowing to dump his wife for her, say sources.

In our July 11, 2011, issue, The ENQUIRER exposed Hansen – best known for catching Internet sex perverts on “To Catch a Predator” – for straying from his wife Mary and hooking up with Kristyn Caddell, then a news reporter at NBC affiliate WPTV in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Although Kristyn, 30, resigned from her news position in December and is moving to the Tampa area, an insider says the twosome are still sneaking around behind Mary’s back. And the 52-year-old newsman is promising his girlfriend a bright future together, says the source.

“Exposing the scan­dal didn’t stop Chris and Kristyn from seeing each other – it just taught them to be more careful when they’re meeting,” re­vealed a close source.

“After they were caught cheating, Chris encouraged her to lay low for a while to let the scandal blow over, but they vowed to resume the relationship when there weren’t so many prying eyes.

“Now that Kristyn isn’t in the public eye, it’s a lot easier for them.

“She’s flown to a secret location to meet with Chris at least twice since the cheating scandal broke, and they speak regularly on the telephone.”

Meantime, the source says that Mary hasbeen loyally standing by her two-timing hus­band’s side.

“It’s sickening because Chris has been telling Kristyn all along that he intends to leave his wife for her,” the source revealed. “He’s just waiting for the right time."

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