Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star TAYLOR ARMSTRONG’s husband beat her so savagely during their tumultuous marriage she nearly lost her eye!
THAT’s the shocking se­cret The ENQUIRER has uncovered behind the reality TV star’s July 15 divorce filing from Russell Armstrong – who sources say brutally abused her both physically and verbally during their volatile nearly six-year union.
While the hotheaded  venture capi­talist, 47, has admitted to pushing his 40-year-old wife in the heat of their arguments, the worst of the abuse – which insiders say included dislocat­ing her jaw at a Super Bowl party and hitting her in the eye when he punched her in the face – has remained a secret — until NOW.
“Taylor and Russell’s on-air argu­ments were well-documented, but behind the scenes the situation was far worse,” a show insider told The ENQUIRER.
Taylor shared her hor­ror story with the cast and crew, but when producers approached her about revealing the dramatic details on camera, she suddenly “clammed up” because she was terrified of how Russell would react, the source said.
“Taylor had on a lot of make­up, but she revealed to the other women that Russell had hit her in the right eye with a closed fist several days earlier,” claimed the source.
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