Singer ROSANNE CASH reveals the truth about her “secret” surrogate father AND her real dad “The Man in Black” JOHNNY CASH.

Although Rosanne, 58, has been in the spotlight since birth, the Grammy winning singer revealed she still struggles with being in the public eye.

“I tend to get obsessive and in my own head,” the country crooner said  in New York City on Jan 15 to promo her new LP, “The River and the Thread”.

“I’m actually an introvert who taught myself how to be an extrovert because I’m a performer,” she said. “But there’s still a lot of introvert there and it can get into dangerous territory.”

Rosanne revealed that it’s her husband, John Leventhal, who provides stability.

“He’s not that way,” she said about her husband of 18 years. “He’s very solid and very pragmatic and he provides perspective that I often don’t have.

“It’s great to have a partner who can see what you can’t and provide balance. That’s really what marriage is to me, finding that kind of balance.”

Leventhal is Cash’s second husband, after divorcing Rodney Crowell in 1992.

During the talk, Cash also spoke about her “surrogate father”, Marshall Grant, who was Johnny’s bass player.

“Marshall Grant became my surrogate father in the years after my dad died,” the singer said. “His house was filled with the mementos of 60 years on the road. We would go sit in the house and just look at all of his things and remember who he was.”

Grant, who was the third person to hold Rosanne as a baby, died in 2011 while accompanying her to a Johnny Cash Festival in Arkansas.

And the first song Rosanne wrote on her new album is entitled “Etta’s Song”, a memorial to her “surrogate father”.