DESPITE being locked away in a Nevada prison cell, disgraced football legend O.J. SIMPSON set to go on a nation­wide tour!

The former NFL star’s promoter, Norman Pardo, is preparing to travel the country with the “O.J. Simpson Road Show” – targeting high schools and colleges for presenta­tions that include live chats with O.J. from his prison cell.

A handful of schools have already booked the show at a cost of $3,500 to $7,000, but it sparked a firestorm of protest during a “test” gig at Clarkston High School in Michigan on April 24.

“THEY WERE APPALLED, loud and threatening,” Pardo told The ENQUIRER. “They didn’t want O.J. in their school and were furious because they believed taxpayers’ dollars were paying for it – even though we did it for free.

“About 1,000 people showed up and all hell broke loose. Parents were scolding the teacher who’d arranged it and the school’s phone lines were jammed with angry parents.

“I was expecting some negative backlash but not the kind of fury that erupted at Clarkston High.”

Still, Pardo remains optimistic about the upcoming tour. He’s using videos he shot of The Juice along with live “call-ins” to the prisoner’s cell phone. That allows O.J. to put his own spin on his life, including what he insists happened the night in 1994 when his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend, Ron Goldman, were murdered.

“I JUST PUT MY PHONE ON speaker and O.J. and the kids can talk between them­selves,” said Pardo. “With 70 hours of videos of O.J. Simpson answering every question you could think to ask him, the students are able to hear him explain everything that happened in his own words. He discusses the murder trial, the white Bron­co ‘escape’ and his life before the murders.

“The videos show the truth – not the media version of what went on in the trials.”

Simpson, 65, currently sits in the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada after being convicted in 2008 of kidnapping and armed robbery in Las Vegas. He was sentenced to up to 33 years in prison for the crime, but is seeking a new trial.

If a judge agrees to grant him bail pending a new trial, Pardo plans to bring the convicted felon into classrooms!

And that’s not sitting well with a lot of educators.

“It’s shocking – the most preposterous thing I’ve ever heard,” a spokesperson for the National Parent Teacher Association told The ENQUIRER.

And Dr. Peter Wyatt Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars, told The ENQUIRER: “Mr. Simpson has no discernible value as a person to instruct (high school and college) students…it is something I deplore.”