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JORAN VAN DER SLOOTwas so desperate for money before allegedly murdering Stephany Flores at a hotel in Peru last year that he was planning to become a male prosti­tute, The ENQUIRER has learned!

Stunning new evidence shows that robbery was Joran’s motive for killing the 21-year-old, who had won thou­sands at a casino just before she was murdered.

Detectives in Peru learned of Joran’s shocking prostitution scheme when they uncovered a 44-minute exchange of e-mails between Joran, 23, and a friend in which the destitute Dutch­ thug said he was considering going to work “on the streets,” a source close to the case told The ENQUIRER.

“He e-mailed, ‘I’m in such a seri­ous situation that I would prostitute myself in return for help,’ ” the source continued.

With new secret evidence revealed only in the new ENQUIRER hitting newsstands today Joran’s chances of became even slimmer on when his Peruvian defense lawyer, Maximo Altez, quit suddenly.

 And in a surprising move that has stunned both Stephany Flores’ family and that of Natalee Holloway – the  Dutch and Peruvian gov­ernments have signed an extradition treaty which allows a prisoner ex­change pact that may allow Joran  to serve out his sentence in a cushy prison in Holland. He is currently incarcerated at the no­torious Castro Castro hell hole in Peru,

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