Disgraced cyclist turned deaf ear to dying dad’s desperate plea for forgiveness, LANCE ARMSTRONG’s step-mom tells The ENQUIRER in a no-holds-barred EXCLUSIVE interview.

“Lance Armstrong is a hypocrite!” his stepmother Rebecca Gunderson told The ENQUIRER.

“He’s begging the world for forgiveness, but he wouldn’t give his own father a second chance. He makes me sick.”

Lance’s biological father Eddie Gunderson, a newspaper contractor in Dallas, Texas, died of septic infection on June 25, 2012 – at age 59.

He’d walked out on Lance and his mom Linda when Lance was 2 years old. Linda later married Terry Armstrong, who adopted Lance.

“Eddie felt guilty for years over what he did,” his widow said. “He tried to apologize to Lance, but Lance always refused to meet with him.”

In 2005, Eddie said in an interview that his only souvenir of his famous son was a picture of Lance as a 10-year-old.

“I remember when (Lance) got ill (with testicular cancer) that I drove around Austin trying to find his house,” Eddie said. “His half brother and half sister, Dylan and Sonnie, were really excited about the idea of meeting him.”

“But they never did,” Rebecca told The ENQUIRER.

“I saw Eddie cry over this many, many nights,” said Rebecca. “His last wish was to see Lance once before he died, but that never happened.”

She called it “ironic” that after Armstrong admitted he’d used performance-enhancing drugs during his once-storied career, Lance asked for a second chance to compete again.

“Lance’s dad deserved a second chance too,” she said. “But his son never gave it to him.

“And now that Eddie’s dead, it’s too late.”