Tea Party darling MICHELE BACHMANN is aiming for the White House, but she won’t win many votes from her former classmates!
A straight-A student, the upstart Republican presidential candidate was a cheer­leader, served on the student council, competed on the gymnastics team and performed in the chorus and school plays.
But her cheerleading squad leader and even her high school sweetheart say that Bachmann is the last person they want to see in the Oval Office!
“Michele didn’t give a 100 percent commit­ment to cheerleading,” Michelle Lindgren DeMarais, leader of the cheering squad at Anoka High School in Minnesota, told The ENQUIRER. “She had her own agenda.”
When DeMarais complained to the squad’s sponsor, Bachmann was called in behind closed doors and reprimanded, she said.
And while Bachmann was a fun date in high school, her former boyfriend says he wouldn’t vote for her either.
“Michele was a Democrat back then, and she was a lot of fun to hang out with,” Jon Leervig, told The ENQUIRER.
“Her hair went down to at least her waist and she called herself ‘Mickey.’ She ended up hating THAT name.”
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