FORMER “Desperate House­wives” star Eva Longoria is traveling the world with her new love, Ernesto Arguello, but the Miami-based hunk has brought a LOT of baggage along for the ride!

The ENQUIRER has learned the self-described philan­thropist and entrepre­neur filed for bankruptcy last year with more than $4 million in debt.

Eva, 38, and Ernesto, 34, met when he was cast on “Ready for Love,” a re­ality matchmaking show the brunette beauty pro­duced for NBC – which was canceled after three episodes earlier this year.

“The show bombed in the ratings, but Eva found love from it,” said a pal.

On July 7, the Latina stunner tweeted a photo of her and Ernesto with their arms around each other inside Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral. The caption read: “Thanking God for finding each other!”

The relationship seems to be moving along at lightning speed, and Eva’s friends and family are begging the twice-divorced actress to slow things down.

“Eva has had so many failed relationships over the past year, I’m afraid she is going into this one with blinders on,” said the pal.

Since divorcing NBA superstar Tony Parker in 2011, Eva has dated Penelope Cruz’s brother, Eduardo Cruz, and New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

“But now Eva only has eyes for Ernesto,” continued the pal. “He ap­pears to be the complete package. He’s good-looking and charming, but he’s had severe financial problems, which came to a head last year.”

According to court documents obtained exclusively by The ENQUIRER, Ernesto filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2012, listing $1,555 in assets and a whopping $4.1 million in total liabilities. At the time, he claimed he had just $5 cash on hand.

He listed more than $60,000 in outstanding student loan debt.

The bankruptcy petition revealed that he was on the hook for a whop­ping $4 million because he listed himself as a guarantor on a business debt from 2007.

Even worse, the court papers said handsome Ernesto was unemployed at the time of the filing, getting by on $2,000 a month he received from his family. With nearly $1,980 going to­ward monthly expenses, that left him about $20 pocket cash.

By comparison, Eva is worth an estimated $35 million.

Ernesto has been associated with at least 10 businesses in the last six years. His latest venture, Education Model Towns, LLC, was established in March 2013.

Those close to Eva – whose first husband was soap star Tyler Christopher – fear she may be rushing the re­lationship because she’s trying to compete with her second ex, Tony Parker. He recently announced he was engaged to gorgeous French journalist Axelle Francine, 31.

“Eva needs to slow down and really discover what Ernesto is all about,” added the pal. “We do know one thing, though – Eva will probably be picking up the check for a while even though his bankruptcy has been discharged."