Ex-Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill – the American hero who revealed himself as the man who blew away Osama bin Laden – is hiding a dark and secret past, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

According to official documents obtained by The ENQUIRER, O’Neill was busted twice in Virginia before swooping into Pakistan on May 2, 2011, and killing the world’s most wanted man.

The highly decorated 38-year-old soldier’s courageous exploits were the subject of big screen action flicks “Zero Dark Thirty” and “Lone Survivor.” But according to police records, he was arrested in December 2004 for public drunkenness and swearing in a residential neighborhood. 

 He was arrested again in March 2011 on assault and battery charges after being involved in a September 2010 bar fight at “The Ready Room,” a SEALs hangout in Virginia Beach.

When contacted by The ENQUIRER, the bar manager refused to comment about the marksman who has shot to worldwide prominence.

The charge was dismissed in September 2011.

A woman who was involved in the bar fracas told The ENQUIRER O’Neill was protecting her after her belligerent bipolar son began calling her a “b—-” and a “w—-” because she went out for a few drinks.

O’Neill, who was sitting nearby, was offended and tried to calm down the then 40-year-old son by asking him to go outside for a chat. A few minutes later the son returned and claimed O’Neill attacked him.

“Mr. O’Neill was protecting me,” the woman said proudly of the Navy SEAL. “He is a good man, and I stood up for him at the time when the police came and I will stand up for him now.”

Despite the arrests, O’Neill participated in 400 missions, dozens of tours of duty and four stints in war zones during a 16-year military career.

Now a motivational speaker, O’Neill has faced criticism for revealing his identity, but no one can take away his role in history for taking down evil bin Laden, the man responsible for slaughtering thousands of Americans.

“I shot him, two times in the forehead. Bap! Bap!” O’Neill told the Washington Post. “The second time, as he is going down. He crumbled to the floor in front of his bed and I hit him again. “I watched him take his last breaths.”

Unbelievably, O’Neill may now face criminal charges for revealing his identity and participating in a TV documentary about the 2011 operation that took down bin Laden.

The Pentagon released a statement warning that soldiers involved in the operation are “still bound” by a non-disclosure agreement that prohibits them from discussing classified information.