The ENQUIRER rips the lid off desperate KIRSTIE’s  “diet secret” in a searing expose!  

Kirstie Alley is back on TV in a new sitcom and showing off a smoking hot body. Although the onetime “Fat Actress” insists she’s dropped weight through diet and exercise, some people suspect she’s had help from a cosmetic procedure.

In a blockbuster report, The ENQUIRER exposes the 62-year-old funnylady’s “diet secret” and how she REALLY won this latest skirmish in her decades-long battle of the bulge.

“Kirstie went from flabby to taut very quickly,” noted a close source. “Although she claimed she started eating better and busting her butt working out, her friends aren’t buying it.”

The 5-foot-7 performer once admitted that she hit 230 pounds at her heaviest – though sources told The ENQUIRER that she actually ballooned to a whopping 265 pounds before checking into a fat farm in 2009.

But now, she has tremendous incentive for wanting to look her best. Her new TV Land show, “Kirstie,” debuted on Dec. 4, and she’s said to be counting on it to propel her back to the top of the Hollywood heap.

The ENQUIRER rips the lid off just how desperate Kistie was to lose some ugly flab. And you can read all about it in our latest issue – on newsstands now!