Published on: March 27, 2013

Pals fear acerbic comic legend DON RICKLES, 86, is facing his final last days in a tragic exclusive ENQUIRER cover story.

The famed insult comic appeared frail, pained and disoriented when he stepped out on the town with pals.

Confronted about his health outside Beverly Hills eatery Spago, the rickety looking Rickels shot back, “Do you think I I have ****ing have Alzheimer’s?! I’m fine.”

But in a series of explosive photos taken by the ENQUIRER seem to indicate otherwise.

A concerned source confided: “Despite what he says, Don is not fine. He’s very frail and feeble.

“When he’s sitting around with pals, he’ll appear to become disoriented and disconnected from the conversation.  He also has trouble walking and has to be sup­ported as he totters around…”

An eyewitness revealed “Don looked like death warmed over and he appeared to be nodding off.”

The ENQUIRER has learned that Don has never quite recovered from a devastating personal tragedy  that now has pals concerned.

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