Beaus beware! Bachelorette ASHLEY HERBERT is a REAL heartbreaker who coldly dumped her home­town boyfriend in hopes of finding someone better!
The 27-year-old brunette dental student dumped classmate Mike King to take a shot at Hollywood, sources say, but when her showbiz dreams fizzled, she came crawling back to him.
Hometown honey Mike wouldn’t take her back, and insiders now say Ashley is sure to ditch her winning “Bachelorette” hunk as soon as someone better comes along because she’s been doing it for years.
“Ashley has always want­ed a show business career,” a close source told The ENQUIRER.
“She’s had plenty of chances at love, but she always broke up with the guy as soon as she thought she’d found a better opportunity.
“Ashley’s a heartbreaker. She plays up the image of being a sweet little girl, but it’s all about showbiz with her. I’d warn any guy who hooks up with Ashley to watch out because it won’t last!”
While attending the University of Maine, Ashley dated Mike for two years, and the two were talking marriage, according to the source.
“Ashley and Mike were so serious about each other that they never even planned to have an engage­ment. They went right to setting a wedding date,” said the source.
“But a few months before the wed­ding, Ashley dumped Mike. He never got her to the altar.”
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