THE guest list to BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE’s upcom­ing wedding just got shorter by three.

After her double mas­tectomy, Angelina began finalizing plans for the widely anticipated nuptials. The big event is expected to take place in September at their spectacular $60 million estate in France, where they produce their own popular wine.

But when it comes to the guests who’ll be sipping the elegant rosé, Angelina is saying “no way” to a trio of Brad’s buddies – bad-boy director Quentin Tarantino and actors Jonah Hill and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Angie wants her wedding to be perfect, and that applies to the guest list as much as anything else,” said an insider. “She respects Brad’s right to be friends with whoever he wants, but there’s no way she’s allowing any of these guys to attend their wedding.

“The official line she’s giving is that this is an ‘intimate celebra­tion for only the closest friends and family.’ But the brutal truth is that she considers these three to be bad influences on Brad.”

As The ENQUIRER previously re­ported, sources say Brad has been smoking a lot of pot to cope with his anxiety sur­rounding Angelina’s decision to undergo a double mastectomy to stave off the high risk of breast and ovarian cancer that runs in her family.

And Angelina was said to be furi­ous when Tarantino blabbed about smoking hashish with Brad while the two were discussing making the 2009 movie “Inglourious Basterds.”

“He takes out this brick of hash, whips out a knife, like Jesse James, and cuts me off a big sliver,” Quen­tin, 50, told an interviewer.

Meanwhile, Hoffman, 45, has a history of substance abuse and recently voluntarily entered a detox program for a relapse, including heroin use.

. And Jonah, 29, has joined pal Leonardo DiCaprio’s hard-partying  entourage, enjoying nights out on the town and a wild yacht ride with a bevy of bikini-clad babes in Australia last December.

The “World War Z” hunk grew close to Philip and Jonah while they were filming 2011’s “Mon­eyball.” Sources say the trio had such a blast working together that they’re already talking about another joint project.

“Angie doesn’t want to see these guys around,” continued the source. “And that’s very tough for Brad to accept, because these are peo­ple he cares a lot about and wants to be part of his special day.”

But as The ENQUIRER has re­ported, mom-of-six Angelina, 38, has had an uneasy relationship with her 49-year-old fiancé’s bud­dies, including his “Ocean’s Eleven” co-star George Clooney.

Adding to their pre-wedding day blues, Brad and Angelina are also at odds over the best man. She wants her brother, actor James Haven, to serve the role while Brad prefers his younger brother Doug, said the source.

According to another insider, Brad is “quietly fuming” but is letting Angelina call the shots because he doesn’t want to cause her any stress right now.

“Years ago this would have sparked a huge argument,” the insider added. “But Brad’s not willing to upset her considering everything she’s been through lately.

“He worships Angie and wants this day to be perfect for her and the kids”.