Gena Lee Nolin has finally made the journey from “Baywatch” to “Pay Watch” — her long-awaited X-rated video has hit the Internet!

As everyone in the know now knows, the former Playboy model made the video with her then husband Greg Fahlman, and it shows the couple making like Paris Hilton and her beau for the camera.

Last year Fahlman expressed shock when told of the video by The ENQUIRER, declaring: “I had absolutely nothing to do with this!”

And he still insists he’s had nothing to do with marketing the tape.

But now the tape is being hawked on the trailertrashbillionaires.com Web site that spells Gena’s name wrong while proclaiming: “One crazy night in a hotel, Greg pulled out the video camera and coaxed the reluctant Gina into performing for their own XXX sex tape!”

And for a fee, the site promises “all sorts of sexual aerobics.”

Didn’t they mean “acrobatics”?