RIELLE HUNTER is said to be “licking her chops” as she’s finally ready to sit down with a network TV interviewer next week for a bombshell interview!

Sources tell The ENQUIRER exclusively that the former mistress of JOHN EDWARDS and the mother of his 4-year-old “love child” QUINN had been courted for months by the top talent at the networks, including ABC and NBC.

She’s now chosen to go ahead with one interview and will give her first reaction to the federal criminal trial, which could have sent the disgraced former presidential candidate to prison for 30 years.

Neither Rielle nor John took the stand at the trial, which ended with a jury acquitting Edwards of one count of illegally accepting campaign contributions. The jury deadlocked on five other charges.

Rielle was not charged in the massive “cover-up,” which was exposed by The ENQUIRER in a series of bombshell exclusive reports dating back to 2007.

The blonde divorcee, who had been interviewed a few years back by Oprah Winfrey, will now give her first reaction to the verdict and surely discuss the present status of her relationship with John.

Certainly, the question of the night will have to be asking Rielle what she thought when it emerged in court testimony that Edwards called her a “a crazy slut” when he first learned she was pregnant.

“It ought to be fireworks,” a source said. “What an awful thing to say about the mother of your love child!” a source said.

Rielle will also use the interview to push her new book, which is being published on June 26 and is titled, “What Really Happened.”

Stay tuned to The ENQUIRER for developments to this breaking story!