The King of Rock’n’Roll was also master of his very sexy domain behind closed bedroom doors, as new book reveals a three-way with Natalie Wood, his fling with Sinatra‘s lover and his Faster Pussycat stripper teacher!

Alanna Nash takes a between-the-sheets look at Elvis Presley in new book, titled Baby, Let’s Play House: Elvis Presley and the Women Who Loved Him.

One of Presley’s most bizarre relationships involved stars Natalie Wood and Nick Adams.

"When Nick took Elvis to a hotel in Malibu where Natalie was spending the weekend with her bisexual boyfriend, actor Scott Marlowe, Natalie got along well with Elvis – and Marlowe was soon out of the equation," said the source. "Nick, who was also rumored to be bisexual, Natalie and Elvis became a hot threesome, having a lot of fun together."

The book reveals that Elvis once had the unbelievable gall to steal Frank Sinatra‘s girlfriend, disclosed the source.

"Many women passed through his bedroom, including the almost 6-foot-tall South African dancer-actress Juliet Prowse, who was Sinatra’s girlfriend. Elvis was determined to win over Prowse after meeting her on the set of the movie G.I. Blues, and they carried on sexually in his trailer.

Elvis dropped her, says the source, not because she was Frank’s girl, but because the rock ‘n’ roll superstar considered her smarter and more sophisticated than him, "which made him uncomfortable."

By the early ’60s, Elvis was becoming exceptionally kinky, according to the book.

"Elvis had a two-way mirror that he used to spy on his band and their dates when they were in the den," revealed the source.

Screen star Debra Paget and Elvis fell hard for each other after making Love Me Tender despite published stories that she considered him a moron.

"Paget was his physical ideal, religious from a Jewish background and a virgin – an ideal that his mama Gladys praised," said the source.

"Elvis spent many hours at her house talking about God, but that didn’t comfort her father, who considered Elvis not up to Debra’s standard. His reputation was that of a wild hooligan, so Debra was not allowed to leave the house unchaperoned with him."

The singer later fell for a stripper – who gave him a sexual education and some of his trademark moves, Nash writes.

During his frequent trips to Las Vegas, Elvis developed a fascination with burlesque stars and strippers. He spotted stripper Tura Satana the star of Russ Meyer’s sexy indie Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill! in a Chicago club.

"Satana became a lover and a sexual mentor to Elvis, teaching him how to do the shimmy, the bump and grind, the big pelvic thrusts and hip swivel," said the source.

"Elvis separated sex and love. He had good girls at home and whores on the road. His relationship with Tura lasted until he entered the Army, but his mama Gladys didn’t approve. She wanted a virgin for her son."