PORTIA de ROSSI has jealous fit after seeing naughty ELLEN DeGENERES touch SOFIA VERGARA’s breasts after shamelessly drooling over the Latina spitfire!

Modern Fam­ily” star Sofia Vergara’s flirty relationship with Ellen DeGeneres stirred the talk-show host’s wife Portia de Rossi into a jealous rage!

Ellen’s blatant come-ons to the Latina bombshell during an episode of her show outraged the former “Arrested Development" beau­ty, say sources.

“Portia was mortified that El­len could be so blatantly obvious about her attraction to Sofia on national TV,” revealed an insider. “It was bad enough that Ellen ‘ooh-ed and aah-ed’ over Sofia and called her ‘so, so beautiful,’ but when she touched Sofia’s breasts dur­ing a comedy sketch, Portia went through the roof!”

In the skit, Ellen, 54, stood pressed against the Colom­bian spitfire, 39, and blindly used her hands to apply blush and makeup to Sofia’s face and body. She not only cupped Sofia’s breasts “acci­dentally” but also stuffed a whole pot of blush into her ample cleavage!

“When Ellen returned home that night, Portia read her the riot act,” said the insider.

“Portia told Ellen that she wouldn’t tolerate any more sexual mischief between her and another woman – especially Sofia!”

Such shenanigans could cause serious trouble between the host of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and Portia, 39, who have been romantically involved for seven years and were wed in 2008, added the insider.

Ellen downplayed the situation with Sofia at first but finally admitted she had gone too far when she realized how irate Portia was.

“Ellen vowed never to do anything like THAT again!” the insider divulged.