TORN apart by family tragedy and depression, “Pee-Wee’s Big Adven­ture” co-star E.G. Daily is finally back on her feet and getting a shot at singing stardom on “The Voice.”

In late September, the 52-year-old sang her heart out with a spectacular rendition of Faith Hill’s “Breathe,” and Blake Shelton welcomed her to his team.

But behind E.G.’S bright smile is a dark secret.

In May 2003, the single moth­er of two daughters was living in Los Angeles with former “Party of Five” star Scott Bair­stow when he was busted on child rape charges.

 “The ordeal really rattled E.G. and her family,” a close source told The ENQUIRER.

Prosecutors said that Bairstow, who played Ned on the hit TV show, allegedly became intimate with a schoolgirl when she was just 12 and got caught in a police sting operation.

The ENQUIRER learned that the encounters had a devastating impact on the youngster, who began mutilating herself and was put under psychiatric care.

In an astonishingly frank interview following the bust, E.G. told The ENQUIRER: “I had no idea this was going on…and I am shocked! It is frightening and disturbing.

“I was concerned, of course, but I had my kids all checked out and they are fine. Scott never touched my children.”

Bairstow could have been slammed with a seven-year sentence but he struck a plea bargain to a lesser assault charge and ended up with a slap-on-the-wrist sentence of just four months.

Sadly, soon after E.G.’s emotional wounds began to heal, she was hit by another setback – falling into a depres­sion over the way aging actresses are mistreated by Hollywood.

“I went through a really dark, dark time,” admits E.G., who once dated Brad Pitt, and is happily in a relation­ship with writer Jameson Hesse.

And she’s delighted to be on “The Voice,” saying: “I feel like I’ve already won.”