BUTCH PATRICK, TV’s EDDIE MUNSTER, stunning confession as he enters rehab to treat 40 year addiction to cocaine, marijuana AND booze!

Butch, 57, has reportedly entered a New Jersey rehab center in an attempt to get himself clean.

The ENQUIRER reported recently that the star of the 1960s classic TV show The Munsters  was recently dumped by his fiancée after he was caught cheating with multiple partners on the horror fan convention circuit. 

Like so many others, before and after, Butch succumbed to the child star syndrome  — that after finding fame and success at an early age, their career was over.

Butch’s rep confirmed that he checked into rehab yesterday and that his family is "very happy and supportive… and are thankful he will take control of his fate."

For years, Butch’s family had been trying to help him "get a grip on his addiction".