Dustin Hoffman admits he’s getting a little dusty at age 65!

The Oscar winner confesses he is suffering from male menopause — but that’s not all bad, he says.

He is no longer fueled by testosterone — which was like “being chained to a maniac.”

The acclaimed star of “Tootsie” and “The Graduate” knows what it is like to assume a wide range of roles onscreen, but now as a senior he is going through some real-life changes, he told an interviewer.

“Suddenly, you wake up . . . and you begin to notice that you’re different, you are altered,” said the actor. “Whether it’s like male menopause or whatever it’s called, there is a climate change inside of you. It has happened to me.”

Suddenly, he says, strange emotions and thoughts grip him.

“It is as if you are being directed by a higher power. Why do I have a need to cook now? Why do I have a need to go outside and really stare at flowers?

“Why do I have a desire to garden? And I look at clouds.”

One drawback: “I cannot get the attention of my family, of my six kids. They think I’m corny.”