Tension mounts as Dr Phil ratings – & marriage – hit the skids!

It was a bloodbath on the Dr. Phil show as the TV shrink fired practically half his staff, The ENQUIRER has learned.

This season, the once-popular program has hit a ratings snag, his segment planners are under tremendous stress – and Dr. Phil’s marriage is seriously challenged, say sources.

"Right now, it’s very much a sinking-ship mentality," an insider told The ENQUIRER. "I’ve never seen such stress."

When the ratings slid, Dr. Phil decided he had to cut the staff, the source said.

The controversial show is put together by "creative teams" and about 15 people were let go as filming for the season ended. The host’s rocky marriage has also affected the show, says the source.

"I think Dr. Phil is under the constant fear that his wife Robin is going to leave, take half his money and write a tell-all about their life together. If Phil is stressed out over Robin – he passes that stress on to the staff."

Morale on the program has fallen off a cliff, says the source.

 "It’s really a bad time – and looks like it’s going to get worse."