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Newbie parental units Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have pleaded with paps not to shoot whilst visiting Down Under.

They’re trying to keep newborn Sunday June under wraps.

While other celebs sell baby pix for big bucks, Nic & Keith have clamped the lid down on tot-sploitation.

"Keith and I are appealing to the press to give us a little space so we can walk around Sydney and show the baby our town," native Aussie Nic told local Sydney chat show.

Urban joined in, echoing Nic’s plea for privacy.

 "Whatever sort of interest there is, I get it, but at the same time, it’s our little girl and I think sometimes when people come right up in your face and you think, ‘Good God, would you do that to anybody else’s child?"’

"She’s not a doll, she’s a real thing," Nic added, plaintively. 

"It’s scary for her, she’s tiny.”