BILL, HILLARY and CHELSEA CLINTON team with superstars for kick ass fundraiser! IS VP JOE BIDEN getting the old heave-ho from the Dem presidential ticket in favor of Hillary?!

All three of the Clintons – ex-prez Bill, current Sec-o-State Hillary and ex-first daughter Chelsea — will be in Los Angeles to celebrate Bill’s 65th birthday and do some ambitious fund-raising for the William J. Clinton Foundation, which is now 10 years old.

Friends of Bill, Friends of Hillary and Friends of Chelsea are interwoven in a fabric of loyalty that makes Facebook look like “Kindergarten Cop” and when you put them all together – it’s trouble with a capital “T” for the opposition – be they Dems or GOPers.

 “Never get in a knife fight with a Clinton” is a Democratic maxim and most of Hollywood admires the Clintons abilities to dazzle with both charisma and solid political savvy — something insiders say is sorely lacking in President Barack Obama.

“I give him credit,” Los Angeles political consultant Bill Carrick told The Hollywood Reporter.

“Clinton keeps working at it. People are still mesmerized by him.”

The Clinton weekend kicks off with a public memorial service for philanthropist Edie Wasserman honoring Hollywood’s “first lady.”

After the service, the Clinton Clan head to the Hollywood Palladium for a gala B-day bash for Bill, with Stevie Nicks performing.

Then there’s the uber-benefit concert for the Clinton Foundation at the Hollywood Bowl featuring Lady Gaga, Bono and the Edge, Usher, Kenny Chesney, K’naan among others.

It is expected the gala events will raise $500,000 and $1 million for the Clinton Foundation. And, if you kick in some major buckaroos, you too can have brunch at Haim and Cheryl Saban’s Beverly Hills compound, personally hosted by Chelsea and her hubby, Marc Mezvinsky, before teeing off on a golf date with Big Bill himself.

While this is an above-board fundraiser for the Foundation, pundits are whispering that they may be testing the Hollywood power elite’s loyalty in a possible coup to launch Hillary to replace VP Biden on the 2012 Dem ticket with Obama.

With strong opposition being mounted by the GOPs and nothing much resolved under the Obama Administration, having a Clinton on the ticket with political mover and shaker Bill glad-handing the undecided, may be the only chance the Obama administration has for a 2nd term in office.

AND would also set the stage for the long rumored Hillary Presidential run in 2016.

Officially, the White House has stated that the Obama-Biden ticket is firmly in place.

Thus far…