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Dean Martin was once the king of Vegas’ Rat Pack but not to his ex- wife. 

According to a new lawsuit, the late Dino’s ex-wife wants a piece of his royalty pie and she’s suing to get her slice.

Jeanne Martin who Dean divorced more than 30 years ago filed papers in La County Superior Court that’s Martin’s estate is stiffing her on her share of the music star’s royalities.

In the suit Jeanne claims that one of the co-executors of Dean’s state Laura Lizer has been double-dipping into her share.

The suit alleges that Lizer pocketed at least $130,000 from Dean’s exorbitant music royalties since 2003 and Jeanne wants her to pony up.

So, when the moon hit’s your eye like a big pizza pie – THAT‘s a lawsuit!