Tyler Perry under fire for plagiarism!

Donna West is suing the multiple hyphenate in US District Court alleging that he  stole the script for his film Diary of a Mad Black Woman from her play.

Her play Fantasy of a Black Woman which she also starred in was unveiled July 1991 in Dallas. Perry’s movie which grossed $50 million was released in 2005. 

Jurors were entertained yesterday by watching Perry’s film and also listened to a court staged reading of West play.

Perry’s attorney, Veronica Lewis said in her opening statements that Perry is "immensely talented" and "has no need whatsoever" to rip off a little known play.

She also said that Perry enjoyed success before and after Diary so "so why would he need to copy Ms. West’s script?"

That’s the question before U.S. District Judge Leonard Davis. Expect an answer by Tuesday, he says.