Demi Moore has gotten her toyboy Ashton Kutcher involved in the Jewish mystical teachings of Kabbalah.

The “Charlie’s Angels” star has been deeply influenced by her pal Madonna — who credits Kabbalah with turning her once party-hearty husband Guy Ritchie into a great family man, say sources.

“Demi is a hard-core follower of Kabbalah and now she’s involving Ashton. He’s a little leery but he’s happy to give it a try,” revealed a close friend.

The 40-year-old actress attends classes at the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles, where topics have included “Making Love Last” and “What Women Want.”

And now that Ashton has started going to the lectures, she is hoping the 25-year-old actor will begin to settle down. Demi is even urging him to get involved in rituals of the cult-like offshoot of Judaism.

“Demi is trying to get him to wear the red string — called Rachel’s string — which is worn by Kabbalah followers to ward off negativity,” revealed the close friend.

“And she is encouraging Ashton to drink bottled water from the Kabbalah Center — which is said to be charged with positive energy and have healing powers.

“In Demi’s mind, Kabbalah is the key to happiness.”

Disclosed a source: “Madonna has been telling Demi that she and husband Guy are together because of Kabbalah.

“They had a rough patch early in their marriage and that’s when Guy really opened up to Kabbalah.

“Plus, Madonna fully believes that she got pregnant in her 40s with Kabbalah’s help.

“Madonna has told Demi how she converted Guy from womanizing and living the high life. And Demi is hoping to rein in Ashton. She’s praying that Kabbalah will make him hers once and for all.”