Demi Moore‘s children have had enough of man-child hubby in the promised land Ashton!

That’s what Demi Moore is hearing from her three daughters who are mortified over her online antics with husband Ashton Kutcher!

Demi’s girls – who range from 15 to 20 years old – staged a family intervention after their stepdad posted a picture on the social networking site Twitter of their 46-year-old mom bending over in a bikini.

The 31-year-old PUNK’D star captioned the picture: "Shhh! Don’t tell wifey."

An insider revealed: "Seeing their mom and stepdad act like teenagers makes the girls cringe! They think their online exchanges are embarrassing and uncool."

Twitter is a micro-blog celeb phenomenon that allows users to send and receive short texts called "tweets" .

The last straw for Demi’s daughters – Rumer, Scout and Tallulah – was Ashton’s candid snap of the mom’s white bikinied bottom.

"The girls freaked out when they saw Demi’s butt in the air," revealed the insider. "They sat Demi and Ashton down and told them they needed to curb their immature behavior.

"Demi said it was just innocent fun, but Rumer shook her head in frustration and said, ‘Grow up, Mom!’"