Ashton Kutcher is living a multi-million dollar lifestyle with girlfriend Demi Moore while his disabled twin has to claim welfare to help feed his baby son.

Ashton’s sister-in-law Melissa Kutcher, 24, claims the Punk’d star has done little to help his brother Michael who suffers from cerebral palsy and survived a life-or-death heart transplant 13 years ago.

In the second installment of our exclusive interview with Melissa, she blows the lid off Ashton’s past flings with Britney Spears and Tara Reid — and reveals the truth behind Ashton’s image as a caring family man.

Melissa said: “Ashton told the world he loves to help his sickly brother but in reality he doesn’t take too good care of him.

“A few months ago Michael asked Ashton if he could borrow $2,500 for a hearing aid. Ashton asked if he could get a loan from their parents or a bank and Michael told him that wasn’t an option.

“Ashton then told Michael he would think about it and call him back about it.”

The vast difference in the twins’ lifestyles is reflected in Ashton’s choice of Christmas gift for Michael and Melissa, who have a nine-month-old baby, Jackson.

Melissa said: “For Christmas Ashton gave us a $3,000 Pottery Barn gift card. While I’m grateful, we’ve never shopped there and there isn’t a store within 100 miles of our city.

“I’m sure someone gave it to him and he just re-gifted it to us. I would have sooner had a $3,000 gift card for Wal-Mart.

“When Ashton does send Michael something it’s usually used clothing and shoes. One time their father brought us back a bag of gifts from Ashton and I had to laugh. There were cigars, a back scratcher, UGG slippers, a robe and a garter belt. It looked like someone went around Ashton’s house and picked up things off the floor.

“We’ve never asked for a lot and we never expected Ashton to take care of us. But I was hoping at the very least he could’ve helped out his twin brother a little more.”

Until recently Michael lived in an $8,000 trailer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with Melissa, who has three children with different men. Meanwhile Demi and Ashton have homes in Hollywood and Idaho.

“We now rent a home that costs about $58,000; Ashton’s big wheel truck probably cost double that. We earn so little money our children are on a form of state welfare. It’s embarrassing when people know we are related to Ashton Kutcher. Ashton has always just cared about himself.”

Melissa said Demi and Ashton were so insensitive they bet $500 on how to treat her son’s constipation.

“Our newborn son was constipated while we were staying with them over Thanksgiving last year. Demi thought she could help by rubbing homeopathic oil on his stomach, massaging his intestinal tract. When she did Ashton told her she was massaging the intestinal tract the wrong way. “They made a $500 bet on which way the intestinal tract moves down the stomach.

“They went online and found Demi was right. Ashton pulled out five $100 bills and gave them to Demi.

“Meanwhile my son was still in pain from constipation. Demi had the idea to use some of her homeopathic oil to help lubricate him. It didn’t work, so she called her personal doctor who recommended some soy milk. But it cost about $24 a can. I told Ashton we couldn’t afford it. I said, ‘Ashton you know we are on a form of welfare (W.I.C.) and they don’t provide for expensive formula.’ Ashton said, ‘Well tell them you need this stuff and maybe they’ll change it.'”

Ashton’s stint as a male model took him away from Cedar Rapids and his acting career skyrocketed after he started dating Demi. Melissa claims Ashton and Michael did not have the happiest of childhoods.

“Their parents divorced when Ashton and Michael were 13. Michael learned of the divorce while he lay in his hospital bed after his heart transplant surgery,” Melissa said.

Demi and Ashton’s Kabbalah beliefs have also caused tension in the family, according to Melissa, who has recently been served with divorce papers by Michael.

She said: “Ashton has his sister Tausha and his father wear the red Kabbalah bracelet. He used to send Kabbalah materials to our house. Recently he sent Michael some tapes and he’s now dabbling in it. This has caused further strain on our marriage because I don’t believe in it all. Ashton told Michael I have negative energy. I’m sure this comes from Demi.”

Melissa said that Ashton had flings with Britney Spears and Tara Reid before he started dating Demi. She claimed Ashton spoke of a tryst with Britney occurring in May 2003.

“He said he slept with Britney Spears in New York when he hosted Saturday Night Live,” she said. “Britney was in town and Ashton ditched his parents and he spent the night with Britney.”

Britney’s publicist said: “I won’t ask (Britney about this) because that’s none of my business.”

Melissa continued: “Since Ashton started dating Demi, Michael thinks he’s done a complete change. When Ashton was dating Brittany Murphy, she spent time with Michael and the rest of the family and appeared to really enjoy their company.

“Ashton doesn’t make a lot of time to talk to or see his twin. When Michael calls Ashton he has to go through several layers of personal assistants to talk to him.

“Ashton’s family calls him by his real name, Chris. There’s a big joke in the family every time Michael talks to him — they wonder if he’s going to speak to his brother Chris or Ashton the Hollywood celebrity.
“When Michael gets off the phone he’ll say, ‘I was just talking to Ashton,’ meaning the conversation was brief and impersonal. Once in a blue moon Ashton will spend 30 minutes on the phone with Michael. When he does it means a lot to Michael, who will say, ‘It was good talking to Chris.'” Melissa added: “I think there’ll be a wedding in the next few months. The family was told they will be given a two hour notice to get on a plane and be flown somewhere.”

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