Camryn Manheim’s joy at becoming a new mom was shattered when she suddenly found herself at the center of a medical emergency, The ENQUIRER has learned.

And in this Web exclusive, we’ll disclose who the mystery father is — and the true nature of his relationship with The Practice star.

At 4:10 p.m. on March 6, the 250-pound actress gave birth to a big, bouncing baby boy — 9-pound 2-ounce Milo Jacob Manheim.

Although the 40-year-old actress kept the father’s identity hidden, The ENQUIRER discovered he is hunky model and former college basketball star Jeffrey Brezovar — who acted as a sperm donor but vows to play a major role in the baby’s life.

Held up by an East Coast snowstorm, the baby’s delighted dad arrived just minutes before the delivery at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica.

But before Camryn could fully savor the joy of delivering her son, a crisis erupted.

“Camryn went into shock when her blood pressure dropped to dangerously low levels,” a family friend told The ENQUIRER.

“Camryn was in pretty bad shape for a couple of hours, as her doctors worked to stabilize her and get her pressure back up. It was scary for her family.

“The delivery went incredibly smoothly — that’s why the post-birth complications had everyone reeling.”

Severe low blood pressure immediately after childbirth can lead to loss of consciousness, dangerous heart arrhythmias, shock and even death.

Experts add that women who are excessively overweight have a much higher risk of serious complications.

The full-figured actress — who’s never been married and has admitted to experimenting with lesbianism — had decided time was running out for her to have a child so she called on her trusted pal Jeffrey.

“Camryn and Jeffrey have been close friends for years. So when she finally decided it was time to respond to her biological clock, she turned to Jeffrey and asked him to be a sperm donor. He was happy to oblige,” disclosed the friend.

“They both have thriving careers on opposite coasts. Camryn will have primary custody of Milo but Jeffrey will visit often and be a big part of the baby’s life.”

After Camryn gave birth, said the friend, “Jeffrey was so elated he began calling everyone he knew, telling them how gorgeous his new son was. He was ecstatic and Camryn couldn’t be happier.”

Disclosed a close source: “Milo is adorable and looks just like his dad. Jeffrey can’t stop talking about his little boy and how he’s going to be the greatest dad on earth.”

Camryn was trying to launch her acting career in New York when she first met Jeffrey, who jets all over the world on modeling assignments. Despite his busy schedule, he plans to commute regularly from New York to Los Angeles to spend quality time with his son.

The friend assured, “This child will definitely be loved.”