Published on: March 6, 2002

Daryl Hannah says she's lucky to be alive -- after nearly being sold to a white slave gang who wanted to turn her into a hooker!

It happened when the blonde beauty was a naïve 17-year-old trying to break into Hollywood, and two girls she met in a grocery store persuaded her to go to Las Vegas for a modeling job.

"These girls seemed nice and said they knew some men who would pay all our expenses and give us $500 to model for an album cover," she told an interviewer.

"I thought it sounded fun -- but it was a white slavery ring!

"These guys looked for girls who they thought were runaways and turned them into prostitutes. I realized something was wrong when they asked me to go up to their hotel room to model a scarf... and nothing else.

"I told them I was only 15 in the hope of scaring them off because I would be illegal -- but it only made them more interested.

"I escaped with a couple of other girls who quickly got the picture. They had goons follow us everywhere, even in the bathroom.

"I literally had to escape from that hotel. We made our exit through a nightclub. It was just like some movie, but this was the real thing.

"I'm lucky to be alive."

And the 41-year-old actress has a warning for other wanna-bes who head for Hollywood with stars in their eyes.

"There are about a dozen guys who are, to this day, rich, successful players in the film industry -- and they look out for any girl fresh off the bus who takes their fancy.

"If you're not careful you can get in real trouble!"