FOLLOWING Bobby Brown’s near-fatal drug overdose, Whitney Houston’s family is urging the singing superstar to dump him — or she’ll wind up dead!

“Get rid of that bum before there’s a tragedy involving you,” Whitney’s dad John Houston angrily ordered her, a family source told The ENQUIRER. “Stick with him and you’re going to die!

“You must dump him — we’re all scared to death next time you’ll be the victim.”

Whitney’s folks had an emotional heart-to-heart talk with her after Bobby’s headline-making medical emergency, said the source.

As The ENQUIRER revealed last week, Whitney and Bobby launched into a drug marathon that climaxed in a crack overdose for Bobby.

He hit the floor unconscious at their Mendham, N.J., home shortly before 3 a.m. on August 8. Frantic Whitney called 911, and rescuers had to revive Bobby with oxygen before he was rushed to a hospital.

Now Whitney’s mother Cissy is supporting her father’s efforts to get Bobby out of Whitney’s life.

“Cissy thinks Bobby is leading Whitney down the path to complete destruction,” said the source.

“Both Whitney’s mother and father detest Bobby because they see him ruining the life of their talented daughter even though he remains a good dad to the couple’s 8-year-old daughter.

“The Houston family has tried to get Whitney away from Bobby because they consider him a menace — he not only spends Whitney’s money like water, but he uses drugs and cheats on her every occasion he gets.

Whitney will perform at two Michael Jackson all-star tribute concerts on September 7 and 10 in New York.

“Whitney’s dad John told me, ‘I know she could straighten out if that man wasn’t around. He’s a poisonous influence on her.

“‘I know there’s going to be a tragedy one day. I go to sleep at night worrying about Nippy (his pet name for Whitney).'”

But others close to Whitney say Bobby’s not to blame for her drug habits.

“Whitney was introduced to drugs long before she met him,” said an insider.

And Whitney’s former drug dealer, known as Uncle Rob to the singer, told The ENQUIRER that her drug use goes back to her high school days.

“We have mutual friends who have known Whitney since she was a teenager and they say she was experimenting with drugs even back then.”