When Whitney Houston is high on crack she will try almost anything in her depraved bid for sexual satisfaction.

Fueled by drugs, she takes part in lesbian sex, chases any man who comes into her house and locks herself for hours on end in her bathroom to use her vast collection of sex toys.

Husband Bobby Brown has been driven to despair by her shameless antics — and she has even bedded the lover of one of her closest friends and relatives.

The shocking revelations of her sleazy sexual appetite come from Bobby’s sister Tina.

Last week, Tina told The National Enquirer of her superstar sister-in-law’s downward spiral into crack addiction. In a sensational world exclusive interview, she revealed that Whitney, 42, is now a paranoid wreck who is feared to be just one fix away from killing herself.

Tina gave us photos of the disgusting mess in the singer’s bathroom after a drug binge. Drug paraphernalia including a crack-smoking pipe, rolling papers, cocaine-caked spoons and cigarette ends were strewn across the counter tops.

Whitney regularly disappears for days and weeks at a time — holed up in seedy crack dens in dangerous parts of town, Tina said.

She even mutilates herself — and blames the injuries on imaginary demons that are chasing her.

The shocking photos and our story made headlines around the world. Now Tina has told of the insatiable sex drive that will shock and appal the millions of fans who have followed Whitney’s career since “Saving All My Love For You” reached No.1 in 1985. Two decades later, the Grammy-winning singer isn’t saving her love at all — she’s giving it away!

Her sister-in-law declares: “Whitney has a problem. She’s got to have it.” Tina, a mom of six, says it’s common knowledge among family members that her sister-in-law has had affairs with women.

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