After two tragic miscarriages, Courteney Cox has packed on seven pounds — hoping that gaining weight will help her carry a baby to term.

The super-slim “Friends” star has foresworn her usual dieting and gained seven pounds in the past month because she believes being heavier might help her achieve her dream of having a child with husband David Arquette.

“Courteney and David have suffered the horrible heartache of losing two babies and it’s been very traumatic for them,” a source close to the couple told The ENQUIRER.

“Courteney’s always been excruciatingly thin. She thinks being too thin could be a factor in her miscarriages.”

Skinny Courteney, who weighs just 112 pounds, wants to put about 10 more pounds on her 5-foot-5 frame. So although she’s always been careful to eat a healthy diet, now — with the help of a nutritionist on the “Friends” set — she’s added higher-calorie foods to her meal plan, sources say.

“Courteney’s eating whatever she wants, whenever she wants,” says a set insider. “She can be found sipping milkshakes and picking at macaroni and cheese and muching on cookies and cakes and brownies — anything to slap on a few pounds.

“And she’s a fantastic cook when it comes to Southern cuisine, so she’s bringing in fried chicken and mashed potatoes with plenty of gravy.

“Not only is she gaining weight — so are the cast and crew! The only one left out is Matt Perry, who constantly has to deal with his battle of the bulge.”

Courteney has her own brand of lipstick, called “Cece,” by Cargo.

Although the actress has tried to stay optimistic about her efforts to become a mom, sources say it’s been difficult for her to work with a “Friends” script in which Rachel is pregnant while Courteney is struggling to have a baby in real life.

But Courteney’s caring cast mates are doing everything they can to help her succeed and Lisa Kudrow — who had her own son in May 1998 — has been acting as her personal pregnancy guru.

“Lisa gained a ton of weight when she had her baby and she’s taking Courteney under her wing to fatter her up and make her a mommy,” the insider says. “She tells Courteney she needs meat on her bones.

“Everyone hopes Courteney and David’s dream of starting a family comes true this year!”