Courteney Cox and hubby David Arquette are in counseling to save their marriage. The pressures of work, fame and parenthood nearly caused the seven-year marriage to unravel – to the point that Courteney’s friend, actress Laura Dern, told her to see a counselor, sources told The ENQUIRER.

In a recent interview, Courteney said that her marital problems became evident when she and David had two blowout fights while vacationing in Sardinia, Italy.

“We got into these fights two nights in a row over stupid stuff,” Courteney revealed. “I could see how relationships break up if you don’t go: ‘What are we doing!?’ “Laura saw I was being too frenetic – that I wasn’t enjoying life as I should. She said: ‘I want you to go see my therapist.’

“He broke it down for us. He said: ‘Courteney, can you see how David gets embarrassed to have any kind of public fight?’

“I don’t scream, but I have no problem saying what I’m feeling. David’s the opposite.”

A showbiz insider told The ENQUIRER: “Courteney and David are very different people – which makes their marriage work because they complement each other. But their differences also cause strife in their relationship. “David likes structure, and Courteney is more spontaneous. David is calm and self-assured, while she is gregarious, emotional and worries a lot. So of course they can get on each other’s nerves.”

The insider said they have different philosophies about how to parent 2-year-old daughter Coco.

David wants Coco to start school, but Courteney disagrees, and likes to take her to work with her every day.

Another issue the couple is dealing with is that David wants to spend more time alone with Courteney, but she likes to bring Coco everywhere. Courteney has never spent even one night apart from Coco – and that’s become a point of contention for them.

“David would like to have a romantic getaway with Courteney, and it’s not quite the same with the baby and nanny along,” says the insider.

The tension is evident when the couple is out in public. Courteney and David were spotted arguing at the restaurant Taverna Tony’s in Malibu recently.

They were having lunch when Coco started acting up and David said they should have left her home. Within minutes Courteney and David were in a heated argument about it. When heads started turning in the restaurant the three of them left.

A few minutes later, David returned by himself and finished eating, a friend of the couple revealed.

Despite the strains on the relationship, the insider maintained that Courteney and David are committed to each other and their family.

“I’ve no doubt they’ll work out any problems that come up.”