Courteney Cox Looks Half Her Age

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Real-life cougar Courteney Cox has gone too far in her quest for eternal youth, fear pals.

Sources say the 49-year-old “Cougar Town” star – who once called Botox “fantastic and also horrible” – looks like she can’t get enough of the latest cosmetic procedures now that she’s dating 37-year-old Irish rocker Johnny McDaid.

“Since Johnny came on the scene, Courteney is even more paranoid about looking her age,” a longtime pal told The ENQUIRER. “She’s constantly searching for the latest treatments to keep looking young.”

Courteney has previously said she is “game for anything” when it comes to holding off aging.

According to the source, she’s “totally overdone” the treatments, “and it’s a shame. In the past, she prided herself on having ‘stealth’ treatments and regular freshen-ups that weren’t obvious.

“But now Courteney has gotten rid of all the character lines that she had in her 30s. Her skin has been lasered to the point that it doesn’t even look real.”

Critics slammed Courteney – mother of daughter Coco, 9 – for her prominent duck-like mouth and overly puffy face on the set of her directorial film debut “Just Before I Go” last July.

But with her 50th birthday looming on June 15, the former “Friends” cutie won’t be cutting back on cosmetic procedures, especially while she’s dating a younger man like McDaid, a member of the alt rock band Snow Patrol, sources say.

“Courteney is slowly falling hard for Johnny, but friends worry because her face looks different every time they see her,” said the pal. “It’s great to see her back in love again, but not if she keeps giving in to her paranoia over growing older.”