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The adult children of famed artist FRANK FRAZETTA have settled their war over their elderly dad’s fabled legacy.

The battle exploded when Frank Frazetta Jr was caught attempting to bust into the artist’s museum in the Poconos.  Police say he was attempting to steal 90 paintings insured for $20 million dollars. Junior says he was trying to safeguard the paintings from scheming sibs.

Frank Frazetta, Sr. is world renowned for his classic sci-fi, fantasy and movie poster art, creating covers and illustrations for hundreds of  books, comics, movie posters, album covers and MORE.  His exquisite renderings of characters like Tarzan, Vampirella, Conan and John Carter of Mars have influenced generations of artists. 

In recent years, Frank had suffered a stroke and in a remarkable comeback, the ingenious artist began drawing and painting with his left hand!

Frank’s children had been jousting over an the estate estimated to be worth tens of millions of dollars, filing multiple lawsuits against each other in Pennsylvania and Florida.

In a statement released today, The Frazettas smoked a peace pipe.

The family also wants to drop charges against Junior for his attempted break-in but that remains up to local authorities.