WALKING DEAD star NORMAN REEDUS who plays bad ass survivalist DARYL DIXON under attack!

A bitter feud has exploded on the hit AMC show about a zombie apocalypse as Reedus’ fellow actors accuse him of trying to steal the spotlight, say sources.

 And it’s especially annoying to Andrew Lincoln, who, as sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes, is supposed to be the drama’s main focus, say sources.

“From Day One, Norman has been the world’s biggest self-promoter while the rest of the cast seemed content to let their work speak for them,” said an insider.

“But they’re jealous of the fame Norman has created for himself. They feel like second fiddles and barely give him the time of day.”

When Reedus, 45, first joined the show, his character – survivalist Daryl Dixon – was slated to be killed off in a zombie attack. But then producers found he was gaining a fan base – and he’s played it for all it’s worth through social media, meet-and-greets and public relations.

As a result, the bachelor actor now has just about two million Facebook followers and nearly one million on Twitter.

Lincoln’s feelings about his co-star recently burst into the open when Reedus was taping a promotional spot for the show, which has become the highest-rated drama in cable TV history.

As Reedus introduced himself to viewers, Lincoln, who was off-camera, sighed: “Aah, me, me, me, me, me!” He also pulled a prank by having a zombie “attack” Reedus during the promo shoot.

But Reedus makes no apologies for promoting himself. Said a source: “He figures he would have been toast two seasons ago if he hadn’t gotten the fans on his side.”