BILL CLINTON is blasting his beleaguered son-in-law over a shocking family scandal!

“Bill is red-faced with rage, especially now with Hillary gearing up to run for president,” revealed a Clinton family insider. “This is the last thing they want to deal with.”

According to a published report, Marjorie Margolies, the mother of Chelsea’s hubby Marc Mezvinsky, is accused of paying herself as much as $164,159 a year to run an obscure not-for-profit organization funded in part by taxpayers’ money.

The charity, called Women’s Cam­paign International, has the murky goal of helping women win elec­tions in Third World countries.

For Bill, this is yet another strike against the son-in-law sources say he just doesn’t like. “He’s snubbing Marc more than usual,” said the insider.

Astonishingly, for the second time in just five months, Marc was left behind on a Clinton family trip to Africa.

“This time he was left out of Nelson Mandela’s star-studded memorial service in South Africa – where Bill, Hillary and Chel­sea were front and center,” said the source.

The former president has had it out for Marc ever since he quit his investment banking job, ditched Chelsea six months into their 2010 marriage and took up life as a ski bum in Wyoming, say sources. Although Marc eventually returned to his wife’s side under immense pressure from Bill and Hillary, “it’s been downhill for him in Bill’s eyes ever since,” noted the insider.

To make matters worse, Marc’s father Edward Mezvinsky, a former congressman, was indicted for fraud in 2001 and spent five years behind bars. And now the Clintons are wor­ried about doing damage control because of the scandal involving Marc’s mother.

“It appears the only thing that could save Marc in Bill’s eyes is if he can give the Clin­tons a grandchild,” said the source. “So far, he and Chelsea have tried but without luck.”