Forget empty chairs what REALLY provoked CLINT EASTWOOD’s fury was when an SUV ended up at the bottom of the Pacific – thanks to his wife DINA’s boyband singer!

Clint Eastwood is “Unforviven” about wife Dina as she needs to rein in her boy band Overtone after one member got busted for DUI!

Singer Valentino “Tino” Pon­sonby – who appears on Dina’s E! show “Mrs. Eastwood & Com­pany” – was arrested Aug. 23 after dumping his Cadillac Escalade into the Pacific Ocean when he careened off the road.

Now Clint worries the band members will spell trouble for his daughters Morgan, 15, and Franc­esca, 19, said a source.

“After the accident, Clint’s first thought was for his girls,” a source close to the 82-year-old screen legend told The ENQUIRER. “He doesn’t want them around nega­tive influences, and he certainly doesn’t want them to get behind the wheel with Tino or any of the other guys. So he sat Dina down and made her promise to keep her musical proteges in check.”

Eastwood’s rep told The ENQUIRER: “Naturally, Mr. East­wood is concerned about anyone getting a DUI.”

The Oscar-winning ac­tor and director shuns publicity, but as The ENQUIRER has re­ported, he agreed to appear on the reality show after Dina, 47, their daughter Morgan and Francesca, whose mother is actress Frances Fisher, begged him to allow cam­eras into their Carmel, Calif., home.

The series follows Dina as she manages the a cappella group from South Africa.

“Dina had no idea how tough it would be to oversee six good-looking young men with raging hormones,” said the source. “Now she’s having second thoughts about it, while Clint wants what he’s always wanted – to stay out of the spotlight!”

THAT IS –until the Republican National Convention when his empty chair debate sparked worldwide headlines!