HOMELAND star new mommy CLAIRE DANES masters CIA art of misdirection – says she’s NOT but she IS, say our hush-hush insiders.

 BIG shocker for “Homeland” fans – star Claire Danes is secretly planning to leave the show after next season to be a full-time mom!

Even though series execs doubled her salary, Claire wants to stay home with her first child, Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy, who was born Dec. 17, sources say.

“Claire has finally discovered the one thing she loves more than acting – being a mom!” an insider close to the Showtime series told The ENQUIRER.

“Before Cyrus was born, Claire would never have thought about giving up her role on ‘Homeland’ because she thought she’d be able to juggle her job with being a mom.

“But now she doesn’t want to leave her son.”

Claire, 33, plays CIA officer Carrie Mathison on Showtime’s Emmy-winning show about the endless battle to fight terrorist threats in the U.S. And for three years she’s been married to Hugh Dancy, 37, the British actor who stars as special agent Will Graham on the NBC series “Hannibal.”

“Claire and Hugh have agreed that he’ll continue working on ‘Hannibal,’ as well as other acting jobs, if she decides to follow through with her plans to leave  Homeland,’” the source added.

After “Homeland” executives learned Claire might walk, they doubled her salary to $220,000 an episode as an inducement to stay for the upcoming season.

Despite the hefty pay raise, “Claire is having regrets about signing on for another season,” the source added.

“It’s very likely the execs will eventually offer Claire another huge pay raise if she’ll agree to stay for Season 4, but she’s still leaning toward leaving.

“Now that Claire’s a mom, she’s come to realize that the time with her son is invaluable. Besides that, she’s one of the hottest tickets in Hollywood these days. She knows that she can go back to acting any time she wants.”